JASON BK AN, cca m.arch thesis 2013-2014


SYNTHESIS3: Sprawl Fabric Syncopation

Current Parking Lot Circulation

Current Parking Lot Circulation

Sprawl Fabric Syncopation

Los Angeles is littered with dead space, or spaces that are unused or not used to their full potential. Parking lots Los Angeles take up 36% of the space available in downtown Los Angeles. 

Considering the prevalent car culture of LA, this is not surprising and definitely not unnecessary. But can we get more out of these spaces? Can we empower these dead spaces by giving them the function of atrophy, or the logic of space and structures that facilitate movement of density?

Can we reestablish the lost urban fabric and topography of Bunker Hill that was destroyed with the emergence of the current downtown?

Can we help Los Angeles, a city of dense sprawl, gain the positive characteristics of density and sprawl instead of merely the negative ones (high traffic and inefficient public transportation?)

Proposed Parking Lot Circulation

Proposed Parking Lot Circulation

New Circulation Extruded

New Circulation Elevated

This proposal is determined to establish an ulterior grid of transportation within the confines of our current downtown. By simply altering the circulation of parking lots, we can create new avenues for people to travel that cater to the current grid. The grain of the ulterior grid will be deviant from the rhythm of the current grid, but will work together with the atrophic dead space of parking lots to create a more user friendly field of travel.

The next step is to use this ulterior, deviant grid as the footprint or foundation for the skeleton of a new urban fabric that is elevated to work as a unit and create topographic opportunities currently lacking in downtown Los Angeles.

These new opportunities for circulation will help Los Angeles reverse its current state of high traffic and inefficient public transportation.


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