JASON BK AN, cca m.arch thesis 2013-2014


Welcome Back Presentations


Designing Dynamics: the architecture of movement in a city of congestion and waste.


Mega-infrastructure: overbearing, divisive, scarring, static

Kinematic chain: system of movement and modularity, joints and body segments with prescribed parameters of movement


Kinematic infrastructure: joints and bands (as body segments)

Joints are massive, static, and beacons of activity

Bands are light, movable, and flexibleartificiality_jan_presentation_9-3-134

Joints trace the freeway and also reside in unused dead spaces. The lighter bands can rechain similar to a bicycle chain.

The idea is to turn mega-infrastructure into micro-infrastructure


Fringe to core movement: young, diverse, dense, less wealthy core being squeezed in and priced out by inaccessible fringe. Movement of gentrification.


Death of public space: losing their democracy, need to rethink what public space is

Swarm logic: a logic of space and how people interact with each other through space


Interactive swarm core: your own personal cell of virtual public space

Cell grows based on merit or impromptu programs of attraction


Larger cells are linked by virtual infrastructure

Your cell is promoted through infrastructure with real life implications since these cells are based on real life programs


Cells move when you move

Whether you’re from fringe or core areas, you will always have your public space


Dead space: unfulfilled spaces

Rhythm & Syncopation: secondary system that breaks rhythm of main grid, with both elements working together as a coherent field

Lost neighborhood fabric and topography


Sprawl Fabric Syncopation: downtown parking lots and their circulation are not conducive to main grid of streets


New proposal to have main grid and secondary parking lot circulation work together

New circulation can be the footprint for new fabric with topographic potential

Alleviate traffic and public transport issues


Techno-utopias: prominent LA projects that have failed

Programmable matter: leverage new technologies that react and change based on information received


LA river: mammoth and concrete, filled with industrial discharge

Green projects unrealistic since the river is not conducive to this idea


LA river is conducive to functionality and industry, similar to the Alameda Corridor that is roughly parallel to the river


Programmable Hydro Utopia: build structures on the river, not parks

Grid and structures change based on wetness or dryness

Flexible programs of industry, water treatment, commercial, residential, or other functional programs, with water as the driver


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