JASON BK AN, cca m.arch thesis 2013-2014


Deterritorialization Abstract

revised abstract 10032013

Aureli’s architectural archipelago is defined by the limits and separation of its parts against the sites on which they sit. These archipelagos, even in absolute separation, are moved by an absent center. Cooperation and repeatability of these archipelagos are based on this center.

The fragments of the Los Angeles Aqueduct try to act as archipelagos in the sea of its various terrains, but it is impossible for them to remain absolutely separated. Owens Valley has lost its agency over its own land with the installation of the aqueduct that has Los Angeles as its center. The movement of socio-political power has followed the movement of water into Los Angeles.

In an attempt to diffuse the agency this infrastructure has over Owens Valley and other regions, we channel Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of deterritorialization, the weakening of or severance from the socio-political power of a center with the voluntary movement away from the constraints of this socio-political center.

Deterritorialization diffuses the agency Los Angeles has over the territories the aqueduct traverses by recalibrating the center to share the fruits bore by this infrastructure with other territories and terrains.

The center now focuses on fragments of the aqueduct that spreads out its limbs as a way to create a more active form that encompasses its relative and specific terrain. This active form will allow for parameters for the organization of this infrastructure based on specific relationships with its relative ecology that establishes a more dynamic distribution of capital throughout the regions.


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