JASON BK AN, cca m.arch thesis 2013-2014


Reading Response: Tests and Failures

Kwinter’s Soft Systems talks about the blending and stitching of objects from all scales into one fabric environment. The problem with this argument is that there are currently no examples … Continue reading

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Deterritorialization Abstract

Aureli’s architectural archipelago is defined by the limits and separation of its parts against the sites on which they sit. These archipelagos, even in absolute separation, are moved by an … Continue reading

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Reading Response: Landscape as Urbanism vs. the Object

Waldheim’s assertion that diversification and decentralization of cities have put a premium on the horizontal focus on landscape design over architecture makes me think about the argument of the object … Continue reading

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Programming Fragmentation: Manufactured Ecologies of the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Amid the politics and corruption that surround the inception and continuing impact of the 223 mile Los Angeles Aqueduct lies the destitution of Owens Valley and the mega-metropolis of Los … Continue reading

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Welcome Back Presentations

Designing Dynamics: the architecture of movement in a city of congestion and waste.

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SYNTHESIS4: Programmable Hydro Utopia

Programmable Hydro Utopia Various LA River revitalization projects are trying to turn this corridor into what we conventionally think a river is supposed to be, with plenty of green and … Continue reading

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SYNTHESIS3: Sprawl Fabric Syncopation

Sprawl Fabric Syncopation Los Angeles is littered with dead space, or spaces that are unused or not used to their full potential. Parking lots Los Angeles take up 36% of the space … Continue reading

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