JASON BK AN, cca m.arch thesis 2013-2014


SYNTHESIS2: Interactive Swarm Core

merit map final 1

Blue Core and Red Fringe

Interactive Swarm Core

The concept of interactive infrastructure yearns for a redefinition of public space, program, and accessibility. 

Swarm logic is a logic of space, equal and applied to all. It is about how people interact with each other through space in the form of communication and adaptation.

The fringe-to-core movement is squeezing in the dense, young, diverse, less wealthy, less educated, higher crime areas of their space. The socially and culturally inaccessible fringe is starting to take away from the more accessible core. The strategies of segregation, gentrification, and privatization prominent in fringe areas are creeping towards the core, pricing core residents out.

How to break the boundaries between the fringe and the core?

merit 5

Get Inventive

merit 4

Get Creative

merit 1

Establish Your Merit

merit 2

Grow Your Merit

merit xx

Connect with Others

merit map final 2

Flexible Virtual Infrastructure

What constitutes public space is always in flux. In this proposal, everyone has their own cell of space that grows based on merit. This new public space is virtual, but has real life implications. Merit consists of impromptu programs of attraction that are not limited by social and cultural inaccessibility. Their cell travels with them wherever they go, even between fringe and core areas. The larger cells are tracked and linked together to create a virtual infrastructure. Its overall shape changes as each large cell travels in real life. This infrastructure is programmed with merit cells. The infrastructure becomes a network of popular hot spots that bridge the fringe and the core.

Social Media?

Social Media

This proposal can empower core residents. No matter where you’re from, you are entitled to your own public space. You can use your inventiveness and creativity to grow your own public space virtually and share it with others physically while connecting with other creative people in both domains. You can travel to socially and culturally inaccessible areas and still have your public space to share and still be connected to the network.


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