JASON BK AN, cca m.arch thesis 2013-2014


SYNTHESIS2: Interactive Swarm Core

Interactive Swarm Core The concept of interactive infrastructure yearns for a redefinition of public space, program, and accessibility.  Advertisements

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SYNTHESIS1: Kinematic Infrastructure Fantasy

Kinematic Infrastructure Fantasy Incorporating the concept of the kinematic chain and applying it to mega-infrastructure gives us a system that uses joints and bands. The bands act as the body … Continue reading

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TECHNIQUE4: Kinematic Chain

A kinematic chain is a group of rigid body segments that are connected together by joints that operate as a system. They utilize broader concepts of movement and modularity to create … Continue reading

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TECHNIQUE3: Rhythm, Syncopation, Atrophy

Rhythm – a movement, fluctuation, or variation marked by the regular recurrence or natural flow of related elements Syncopation – a temporary, unexpected disturbance or interruption of the regular flow of … Continue reading

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TECHNIQUE2: Programmable Matter

Building off the idea of swarm biology, we can start developing down the path of digital biology. Within this umbrella, there are different robotic-based technologies that can facilitate simple but … Continue reading

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TECHNIQUE1: Swarm Biology

The examination of Los Angeles in previous articles brings to the surface issues regarding movement of various entities in various scales. So far, we’ve examined the movement of dense sprawl, … Continue reading

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Reading Response: Alex Wall, Programming the Urban Surface

Wall’s perception of the modern built environment is eerily similar to my analysis of Los Angeles. Wall argues that the contemporary metropolis isn’t an urban core with periphery zones but … Continue reading

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