JASON BK AN, cca m.arch thesis 2013-2014


SYNTHESIS1: Kinematic Infrastructure Fantasy



Infrastructure Chain

Infrastructure Chain

Dead Space Chain

Dead Space Chain



Kinematic Infrastructure Fantasy

Incorporating the concept of the kinematic chain and applying it to mega-infrastructure gives us a system that uses joints and bands. The bands act as the body segments of a kinematic chain.

Here, the joints are massive and static. They act as beacons onto which the bands tie. These joints become space that act as transitional points for transportation such as airport terminals, but depending on size, can incorporate mixed use programs in an attempt to bring activity to transportation cores.

The red joints are major connection points of existing mega-infrastructure. Blue joints follow the track of mega-infrastructure to preserve their location and influence. Green joints are dead spaces inland.

Bicycle Chains

Bicycle Chains

The bands of movement work similar to a bike chain. They are light, movable, and flexible. The chains connecting blue and red joints might be more stable but the chains connecting the green joints will rechain frequently. The idea is to turn mega-infrastructure into micro-infrastructure, eliminating the scarring and divisive nature of our current system. The fantasy is the scale of the project, reworking the entire transportation system of Los Angeles County, similar to the grand scale of the utopian projects that also thought big in scale and created landmarks with which Los Angeles could identify themselves.

 The blue joint chains will have a lighter footprint than the current mega-infrastructure. Green joint chains will help compensate for this by spreading and dispersing movement. The flexibility and specificity of these connections will also help compensate.

The structure of the joints and bands are still undetermined. The bands especially can determine the exact functionality of this system. Do users move freely or do the bands automatically move on their own? Do they move cars or only people? If cars, can we incorporate public transportation elements as well? If people, what is the vehicle and how does it connect to the chains?


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