JASON BK AN, cca m.arch thesis 2013-2014


TECHNIQUE4: Kinematic Chain

Robotic Kinematic Chain

Robotic Kinematic Chain

A kinematic chain is a group of rigid body segments that are connected together by joints that operate as a system. They utilize broader concepts of movement and modularity to create adaptable systems that, in our case, moderate space, though this idea can be used in manufacturing, construction, physics, mathematics, psychology, and programming.

Immersive Kinematics, Caterpillar

Immersive Kinematics, Caterpillar

Kinematic chains need to be meticulously designed in the designation, form, and function of modules and joints. Degrees of freedom, parameters of joints, and particle trajectories also need to be designed. The design of restraint determines the interface between spaces they moderate that interacts with the space of the modules themselves. 

This idea can be applied metaphorically with modules not physically linked but connected through cause and effect type sequential actions. In this case, the joints are parameters of action that determines the movement of a module.

Safdie, Habitat 67

Safdie, Habitat 67

Isozaki, City in the Sky

Isozaki, City in the Sky

We’ve seen modular architecture, but how do we leverage the movement of the modules or movement of density within and around the modules to create new architecture? We can look at the spaces they create, ie. the dialogue between the prefab units and the open apertures created by these units in the Habitat 67 project, and see what happens when these spaces become compressed or expanded. Or we can look at movement of density as a module itself, with its range of motion connected by design to other movements, spaces, and architectures that are also part of the chain.

We can continue this idea by thinking of rhythm, syncopation, and atrophy as parts of a kinematic chain. What segment is static or fixed? What segment is dynamic? Are the merely binary linked or more? What is the degree of freedom or mobility?



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