JASON BK AN, cca m.arch thesis 2013-2014


Reading Response: David Ruy, Lessons from Molecular Gastronomy



Lessons from Molecular Gastronomy compares the injection of science in cuisine with the injection of digital technology in architecture.

Ruy asserts that “scientific knowledge establishes the basis for the theoretical concepts to manipulate and stretch the material limits of natural ingredients; the advanced technologies become the means by which molecular gastronomists transform matter not for the sake of scientific discovery, but to extend the possibilities of human experience.” (pg. 30)┬áThis sounds like a message to the naysayers that you might not like what we’re doing, but we are still fighting on the same side. Molecular gastronomists seem obsessed with making sure everyone knows that their intentions are pure to the art form. But on a more architectural level, this interests me because we are talking about stretching material limits and finding potential in things we thought were fixed in their form or function. If new technologies and ideas allow us to discover new uses for old items, then why wouldn’t you be for it?

The distinction between technique (a way to do something) and methodology (a system of techniques) led me to think about the rise of do-it-yourself, open-source, underground, and indie culture. Methodology is something you are taught. Technique is something you can teach yourself. Methodology is elitist and reinforces the same ideas over and over. Technique is available to everyone and creates a scenario where creativity can drive new ideas and concepts. I believe in the infusion of digital technology in architecture because it gives me power as someone relatively new to architecture. It levels the playing field and keeps all who participate in the art of architecture motivation to continuously master their craft or else fall behind.


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